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Quick Thoughts: TCU Football 45, Oklahoma Sooners 69

TCU gets blown out in Norman and will miss a bowl, just a season removed from playing for a national championship


2nd Quarter Disasterclass

The Horned Frogs ended the 1st quarter trailing by one point due to a missed Griffin Kell extra point. Defensively, the Horned Frogs allowed four touchdowns in the frame, a 53-yard bomb to Brenen Thompson and three of the easiest walk in scoring runs you’ll ever see. The TCU offense had two punts, a hideous failed fake punt, and a half-ending drive that got inside the 5 yard line and resulted in only a field goal despite already trailing big. TCU appeared to have no fight during the quarter - the defense was getting dominated up front, the OU run game had linemen getting to the 2nd level as TCU front six showed little resistance and the safety group was unable to be anywhere near the plays. Outside of the drive that ended in the half-closing FG, TCU had 10 plays for 10 yards in the quarter, good for two 3-and-outs and a four-and-out. The game went from up for grabs to blowout in a matter of minutes as the teams went into half.

Offseason Starts Now

Sonny Dykes quite clearly has a lot of work in front of him to field a competitive squad in 2024, and that work starts immediately. There will need to be a truly honest evaluation of the staff, as all three phases of the game fell off a cliff in 2023. It’s hard to imagine Joe Gillespie retains his role as TCU Defensive Coordinator in 2024. Today his defense forced one punt and one interception; the other ten (10!) Oklahoma drives resulted in points, including eight (8!) touchdowns while allowing over 600 yards of total offense. It was one of the worst performances by a defense in TCU history, coming at the end of a season filled with some atrocious defense. You cannot have a “bend but don’t break” defense that is actually just constantly broken - the Sooners had 15 plays defined as “big plays,” including two runs over 40 yards (one of which was a 4th and inches QB option...) and three passes over 50 yards (two of which were TDs). Meanwhile the discipline and “do your job” mentality that Dykes brought to Fort Worth last season was again left behind as TCU was whistled for 7 penalties to give away 82 free yards.

In addition to the staff evaluation, there will certainly be a crucial roster evaluation. The offensive line loses four of five starters, the secondary will lose Josh Newton and Mark Perry, plus TCU will lose big contributors like Jamoi Hodge & Jared Wiley. While there won’t be the star talent to replace like the Frogs had after 2022, TCU has to do a much better job building its roster going into 2024. The transfer portal is about to open and it’ll likely be a flood; retaining the players you need to succeed while bringing in guys that can immediately contribute at a high level. Will TCU be able to hit home runs in the portal in 2024 the way it found Johnny Hodges & Josh Newton? The Frogs will need big help on the offensive line and at all levels of the defense, which are some of the toughest spots to find via transfer. It’s a tough task for Dykes and whomever from his staff is still around, but the roster has to be improved for TCU to be a contender in the new Big 12. Whatever it is, imagine we’re all excited to begin looking to the maybes of the future than the realities of the present and past four months.

Basketball Season

Hey y’all, chins up! You can turn your attention away from an all-time disappointing TCU Football season and fully invest in the Men’s & Women’s Basketball. The teams are a combined 11-0 and are cause for plenty of excitement. The Women are back in Schollmaier on Friday December 1 vs. Tulsa with Big 12 play beginning in Fort Worth on December 30 vs. BYU; the Men are back home on Monday November 27 vs. Houston Christian and begins Big 12 play on January 6 at Allen Fieldhouse vs. the Kansas Jayhawks. Get on the bandwagon now, there’s plenty of room.