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Men’s Basketball: Peavy leads TCU to season-opening win over Southern

The senior guard scored 21 points as the Horned Frogs took down the Jaguars 108-75.


Senior guard Micah Peavy led the TCU Horned Frogs to a 108-75 victory over the Southern Jaguars on Monday, finishing with 21 points, four rebounds and four assists.

The Frogs had a sluggish start in the game, whereas the Jaguars displayed swift ball movement. During the initial 10 minutes, the Frogs struggled to find their rhythm, leading to seven turnovers.

However, the Frogs significantly improved, turning the ball over only once for the remainder of the first half as they found their stride. head coach Jamie Dixon said that there were too many possessions and they need to tighten that up moving forward.

“You are going to have turnovers and our limit we try to stop at is 10,” said Dixon. “But the turnovers we did have were unforced and it was just a lack of fundamentals.”

TCU’s momentum faced consistent disruption, primarily due to Southern’s Tai’Reon Joseph, who led the Jaguars with 13 points, mainly scoring from beyond the arc. However, TCU managed to seize control, finding offensive success through key contributors such as Peavy, Jameer Nelson Jr, Avery Anderson, and Jakobe Coles.

Nelson Jr. notably tied the game 16-16 with an impressive 3-point shot, marking a turning point at 11:39 on the clock. Peavy maneuvered through traffic, showcasing a strong finish at the rim, and secured 13 points on a 6-9 shooting performance. As the first half concluded, the Frogs held a 19-point lead, leading 54-35.

Emanuel Miller exhibited dominant defense, applying early pressure on SOU’s Brandon Davis, forcing the Jaguars to operate under shot clock pressure. Peavy continued to navigate through the lanes and contributed eight more points in the second half.

Dixon noted that Micah has undergone a significant transformation in the offseason, clearly establishing his defensive presence.

“Micah is what we consider one of our best defenders,” said Dixon. “I thought he did good today. He keeps getting better and better. He’s practiced well the last two weeks, and his decision making has improved, is playing with more space and that is what we are trying to do.”

The Frogs also experienced productivity from Trevian Tennyson and Avery Anderson III, creating opportunities by opening lanes and effectively moving the ball. Xavier Cork sealed the victory with a last-second dunk in the game.

Dixon acknowledged that tonight’s win was commendable; the Southern Jaguars displayed resilience, yet there’s room for improvement in their defensive effectiveness. He explained that the lineup for tonight was chosen based on starting who they consider their top five defenders to set the tone for the game.

“It was hard to find five to be honest with you,” said Dixon. “I do not think the team realizes how deficient we are defensively. We started our best five and they started scoring from the beginning.”

With only two days of preparation before their upcoming game, TCU aims to maintain their offensive rhythm and solidify a top-tier defense. The Frogs are set to begin their next home game on Thursday against the Omaha Mavericks at 7 p.m.