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Beach Volleyball: TCU sweeps Tampa Tournament to stay unbeaten

Team makes history with first #1 national ranking in school history

In 2022, TCU Beach Volleyball had their greatest season in school history, going 39-5 and earning the school’s first ever NCAA tournament win before bowing out in the Round of 16 and tying for 7th place. A great showing and admirable result for an up and coming non-headliner TCU athletic program, but why rest on laurels when you can continue to strive for excellence for the school?

In that pursuit of greatness, TCU Beach Volleyball has set another record for themselves, earning the #1 ranking in the NCAA after continuing their undefeated streak and a juggernaut run through the Tampa Tournament last week—capped off by a dominant victory over #2 Florida State (the team only dropped a single set, winning 4-1, 5-0). For the tournament, TCU only dropped three total sets (out of 43) during the weekend matches.

As a result, TCU Beach Volleyball finds themselves once again in uncharted territory for the school, atop the rankings, consistently performing at the highest level, and furthering the case of TCU as an “everything school”. On International Women’s Day, it’s fitting to celebrate not only this team’s accomplishments from the season, but also the great work and successes our other women’s programs have contributed to the school—including Soccer, Rifle, and Equestrian.

Daniela Alvarez and Tania Moreno were excellent in Tampa, heavily contributing to the 4-0 tournament record last week and earning themselves a spot as playing partners of the week for their performance.

TCU returns home to host the Horned Frog Challenge this weekend, facing Texas A&M Kingsville, LSU, and Southern Miss for certain. Another undefeated weekend at their home tournament would bring the Frogs to 12-0 on the season and help maintain their top ranking as the spring and summer season progresses.