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UPDATE: Frogs O’ War 2023 NCAA Tournament Survivor Pool, Final Four

Elite Eight results leave our field with a head-to-head battle for the Survivor Crown

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NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament Midwest Regional- Miami (FL) vs Texas Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

152 entered and 150 have exited. The Elite 8 round eliminated ten competitors thanks to losses by Gonzaga, Kansas State, and Texas. This left the pool with just two alive, as Lara’s selection of Florida Atlantic and Kristin’s correct choice of UConn leave them as the only ones left dancing.

Elite 8 results

The entry Kristin has the maximum available teams remaining, with only its Elite 8 winner being a previous selection, able to select FAU, SDSU, or Miami for the Final Four and beyond. Finalist Lara meanwhile will only be able to select the Aztecs or the Hurricanes for Saturday, while hoping the other also wins to keep a team available for the Finals if necessary.

You can review all of the entries or be reminded of who you selected here: Frogs O’ War 2023 NCAA Tournament Survivor Pool. If you need to go back and review the rules, you can see the introduction post. Also, reminder that the winner will receive a free T-Shirt from BreakingT.

If you are Lara or Kristin, fill out the form below (or follow this link if your browser does not show the form below) with your picks for the Final 4, ahead of the the tip off of your FAU vs. San Diego State at 5:09 PM Central on Saturday April 1. The entry form also includes tie-breakers, in case all entries are eliminated during the same day with no available teams remaining to select. The tiebreakers will only apply if necessary; Tiebreaker 2 will only be used if Tiebreaker 1 still results in a tie, etc.