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Social Media Summary: TCU vs. Nicholls State

It was a much quieter week on X, the app formerly known as Twitter, this week as TCU handled Nicholls State with ease 41-6.

It was a much quieter week on X, the app formerly known as Twitter, this week as TCU handled Nicholls State with ease 41-6.

Scrolling through the app this weekend, I didn’t see much besides a lot of overreaction, with multiple accounts begging to fire Kendal Briles after a 35-point victory in Week 2.

There were a few of those Tweets — and — honestly, I would rather not highlight them.

Just know they were there. And — after the Frogs handle Houston next weekend in H-Town, hopefully they’ll subside for the time being.

For now, let’s highlight the few Tweets with a positive outlook that caught our eye.

We’ll start with one that was posted today, Monday, highlighting the Frogs’ two defensive turnovers from Saturday night.

The Frogs’ defense rebounded well from an awful showing against Colorado a week ago, and showed glimpses of last season’s explosiveness all over the field, from the defensive line to the secondary.

These highlights, with some of TCU Social’s masterful editing coupled with it, show Vernon Glover’s interception, Shadrach Banks’ forced fumble and Chace Biddle’s fumble recovery.

Personally, I liked what I saw from the Frogs’ defense. A better test comes next week against a struggling, but better, Houston offense.

TCU Carter Boys liked what they saw too — even noting how good the backup defense played.

That is something to note... the second-string played almost just as well as the first string, if not better, Saturday night. They were fast, fluid and were constantly swarming ball carriers.

Yes, the second string has more to play for against Nicholls State than the starters do, but it was an inspiring performance from those boys off the bench.

More solid indicators for TCU’s performance on Saturday: Chandler Morris was the third-highest rated QB in the nation this weekend.

Only Arkansas’ KJ Jefferson and South Carolina’s Spencer Rattler were better.

Now — some things I LOVE to see. THIS.

In years’ past, an FCS matchup would draw maybe 60-65% of fans. After a week-one loss, I wouldn’t have been shocked if only 50% of the student section was full Saturday night.

But NOPE — the student section was FULL, and was essentially overflowing midway through the first quarter, when some students were still creeping on in from tailgates.

Now — a few things may have spurred this.

  1. TCU made the national championship game last season. Of course more students, many of them female, are going to be more enticed to go games now that we have a “brand-name” associated with us. Think of the Instagram clout you earn back home if you’re sitting in the TCU student section now...
  2. Admissions. TCU will not stop letting more and more students in every, single year. Unless Amon G. Carter finds a way to stretch the student section, this is going to become a weekly occurrence, and will only get more full when bigger schools, with bigger names attached to them, visit.
  3. NIGHT GAME. Can the schedule gods please bestow upon us more night games? Amon G. Carter night games have been rare the past five years... and they do nothing but help attendance. Students are much more willing to start tailgating at 4:00 p.m. rather than 8:00 a.m., and it leads to a much more rowdy student section.

And lastly, I love to see this.

A week after TCU players, besides Chandler Morris and a few others, walked off the field after the loss to Colorado, Coach Sonny Dykes sang the alma mater with his full team once again.

This time, I can tell, the boys sang a little louder.

That’s this week’s Twitter highlights.

We’ll be back next Monday after, hopefully, a dominating performance against Houston.