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Social Media Summary: TCU vs. Houston

Positivity, optimism and a newfound confidence have taken over TCU X (Twitter) over the recent weeks.

Positivity, optimism and a newfound confidence have taken over TCU X (Twitter) over the recent weeks. We especially saw more of it this weekend, after a dominating road win against Houston in which a loss never seemed on the docket.

Chandler Morris’ play improved tremendously, the play calling was a lot more fluid and the defense showed up, and showed out. TCU burner accounts, and other talking heads, took to the platform this weekend spreading only good things about the Frogs — and it’s only getting better with SMU coming to play this Saturday.

Here’s what caught our eye on X, or Twitter, this past weekend, with some posts looking ahead to this week’s Iron Skillet.

First, from former Frogs O’ War Jamie Plunkett’s account — a post praising Savion Williams, who deserves it from his play on Saturday. Williams only caught three passes, but found himself in open space more often than not, and ran crisp routes all night. On Williams’ touchdown, Plunkett noted that his timing was everything.

Plays like this build trust between quarterback and receiver, and if Morris and Williams can continue to build chemistry, this could prove to be a very dangerous duo. SMU’s secondary will be a tougher test than Houston’s though.

TCU’s early-season MVP? It’s got to be Emani Bailey.

Give this man the ball, and good things happen. In the lone game Bailey had 20-plus carries, it’s no wonder it was the most complete showing TCU Football’s shown us all season. 23 carries, 126 yards and a TD. Just a fantastic stat line for Bailey, who finds the open hole like it’s nothing and sheds tacklers off with ease — got some shades of Kendre Miller in his game.

As this post shows, he’s currently 6th in the FBS in YPC.

But with all this talk about Bailey, don’t forget about Trey Sanders, the transfer from Alabama, who had a TD in this game himself. Eight carries, 48 yards and a TD was his stat line Saturday night, adding to his total of four touchdowns so far on the year.

At this point, he seems like the Frogs’ 3rd-down and Goal-Line back, and he’s doing a pretty damn good job at it. His late TD put the game away for the Frogs Saturday night.

Lastly, yes — we really beat Houston that bad. With the first conference win in the rearview mirror, TCU fans and burner accounts now have SMU to get excited for...

Here’s some good-natured ribbing already — SMU has, in the past, limited fans from buying water bottles, in hopes of rationing. Of course, that’s ridiculous. Of course, at TCU, Donati would never allow that to happen.

Nor — would a clock overheat in the middle of a game, as it did in last season’s edition of the Iron Skillet. 11:00 on Saturday. Amon G. Carter Stadium. Be there. Or, the game’s televised on FS1.