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Social Media Summary: TCU vs. SMU

It’s been three weeks of celebration and pompous bragging, three weeks of convincing ourselves TCU Football can be right back where they were last season.

Frogs fans, optimism surrounds us. It’s been three weeks of celebration and pompous bragging, three weeks of convincing ourselves TCU Football can be right back where they were last season.

After the optimism seen on X, formerly known as Twitter, after the thrashing of Houston a couple weekends ago, it hadn’t yet reached what it’s now peaked at after the dominant win over SMU. Iron Skillet in hand, TCU fans and burner accounts went to the app with praise, high hopes and to SMU and West Virginia fans, cold hearts.

Let’s look at what caught our eye on X this past weekend, with some posts looking ahead to this weekend’s blackout against West Virginia.

Once again, Chandler Morris proved to the Frog faithful that he absolutely can carry the torch this season — and I myself had my doubts.

What a confident looking performance from him last weekend, both in the air and on the ground. He knew that SMU couldn’t really stop him or the offense, and he took it to his advantage. 265 yards and 3 touchdowns. Plus, as Jamie Plunkett posts here, almost perfect throwing to his tight ends. Morris is looking comfortable — and at just the right time.

More Emani Bailey praise, because, truly, when is national media going to put any respect on his name?

Another game, another 126 yards, and another touchdown. Remember when I, and fans, were clamoring for Bailey to carry the ball at least 20 times a game? He has the last two games, and it’s no surprise they’ve been the Frogs’ two best performances of the season. Give this man the rock.

All this to say, TCU currently has one of the top offenses in all of football right now. But, as Steven Johnson writes, they aren’t quite satisfied yet... Coach Dykes says there might be even more to come...

And it hasn’t just been the offense! While we’d like a bit more convincing performances from Joe Gilepsie’s defense, it’s done its job more than well enough.

This interception by Josh Newton, which was almost taken all the way back to the house, pretty much sealed the game for TCU and provided a bit of a spark for a defense that may need it before West Virginia comes to town.

And — there we go. The Iron Skillet — still the Frogs’ trophy for the foreseeable future.

These two teams don’t know the next time they’ll play each other. For now, the rivalry will be placed on hiatus as TCU begins to navigate the new Big 12, and SMU will be jockeying for any sort of position in the ACC. Good luck SMU — y’all most definitely will need it.

Looking ahead to this weekend against West Virginia, TCU Football and Athletics has been promoting the heck out of Saturday night’s blackout. The Frogs will be wearing all black, the Fort Worth night sky will be dressed in black and TCU Football is asking fans to arrive in black.

Show up for the Mountaineers’ funeral, why don’t you?

AD Jeremiah Donati making sure students wear all black. That student section will be on fire Saturday night.

A prediction for this weekend’s game that I think we can all get behind...

Until next week!