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Social Media Summary: TCU vs. Colorado

X (known as Twitter) was ablaze all weekend with the start of college football, and amongst all the commotion, TCU was made the butt of the joke.

Texas Christian University vs University of Colorado Set Number: X164412 TK1

X (known as Twitter) was ablaze all weekend with the start of college football, and amongst all the commotion, TCU was made the butt of the joke.

With a loss to an unranked opponent, and no less the unranked opponent with the most attention on them as nationally possible, to unveiling a College Football Playoff banner in Amon G. Carter stadium, mouthbreathers and Baylor/SMU fans on the app were insufferable.

The clowns of college football; the embarrassment of the College Football Playoff... we heard all that, and more, this weekend.

And, it’s hardly stopped since. As a TCU fan, try scrolling without running into a Tweet badmouthing the Frogs — it’s impossible.

But, there are some with, at least, a slightly positive outlook. I’ll make sure to highlight these here two.

Here are some Tweets from this past weekend that caught our eyes here at Frogs O’ War, and some Tweets looking ahead to this Saturday’s game against Nicholls State.

We’ll start off with a bad one — and the Tweet that may have been ‘most’ viral regarding TCU’s stinker against Colorado.

Here, it’s clear that a bunch of TCU frat boys wanted to rile up Travis Hunter before the game, screaming “OVERRATED” to a former five-star athlete.

While I appreciate the gusto and the passion from the TCU Student Section, is this really the best idea? You just made one of the best athletes in college football want to rip the hearts out of this fanbase.

With his performance Saturday, he did just that, and these frat boys got themselves humbled, as did TCU...

If any ‘viral’ Tweet indicates how this weekend’s loss was a humbling experience for the Frogs, and a wake-up call, it’s this quote from Linebacker Johnny Hodges.

Hodges was embarrassed, as were his teammates he said — but this loss will only make them come back stronger.

“Right now, we’re the laughing stock of college football,” Hodges said.

TCU’s play on the field wasn’t the only reason the Frogs were made the laughing stock of college football last weekend.

This video, which now has 2.1 million views, is evidence.

Despite the Frogs being the only Big 12 team to make a National Championship game in the CFP-era, college football fans still found a way to denigrate TCU.

Being made fun of for this, is utterly ridiculous. TCU had it’s best football season ever — do fans expect the school to not commemorate it in any way?

The Frogs already have a ‘Fiesta Bowl’ placard up on the stadium... and, because of the CFP-era, putting another would be just as ridiculous. Bowl names, especially when it comes to the playoff semifinals, have lost all meaning.

This was the only way to commemorate this season — and it was the right way.

Hey Texas, hey Oklahoma, oh, hey Baylor — if y’all do find a way into the College Football Playoff sometime down the line (good luck), it’s gonna be hilarious when y’all do the exact, same thing.

And, until then, Texas fans can enjoy staring at a banner celebrating their basketball team’s NIT appearances...

This, indeed, was how a lot of us felt Saturday afternoon and evening waking up into Sunday morning.

It was a tough weekend to handle... but it’s looking up for the Frogs with an easy, FCS opponent coming into town...

At 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, TCU hosts FCS’ Nicholls State, which should prove to be a much more welcoming opponent.

The game will be streamed on ESPN+.

There’s not much about this weekend’s game yet — but here are some takes for Saturday’s game that I tend to agree with...

And, the week’s depth chart:

That’s this week’s Twitter highlights!

We’ll be back next Wednesday after, hopefully, a dominating performance against Nicholls State.