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TCU vs. Siena Recap: How Brandon Got His Groove Back

Finnegan dazzles, the offense struggles, and Boomer saves the day...

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

Well---it wasn't the prettiest of games, at least offensively, but it got the job done. Boomer White's double got things going early for TCU in the bottom of the first and was driven in by a Kevin Cron single---even more awesome Cron stole a base later in the inning.

Thanks in part to some Siena errors, the Frogs looked primed to have a huge inning later--but a questionable strikeout call on Garrett Crain and a line out from Suiter that doubled up Kevin Cron which resulted in a Siena double-play---ended TCU's chances.

The Frogs' offense just couldn't capitalize most of the game, leaving 12 on base and going 3-13 with RISP. Granted, Matt Gage's rate of speed was about on par with Forrest Gump reading The Iliad. At least it seemed that way at times. Cron hit a near bomb in the bottom of the 5th, but an amazing off-the-wall-catch by Saints left fielder Andrew Ortiz prevented that. Got to give credit to that kid---play of the night by far.

Riley Ferrell came in for Finny after a bobble by Fitz in right, Siena tied the game at one-a-piece in the top of the 8th. Ferrell was on the money from the get-go and put out the first two batters he faced and got TCU out of their jam. Despite a great lead-off bunt single by Crain, TCU wasn't able to capitalize again and ended the bottom of the 8th with Fitz hitting into a double-play.

Keaton Jones led off things for TCU in the bottom of the 9th and reached first safely thanks to an awful throw by Siena shortstop Tyler Martis. Jones was then advanced to second by Bacak, the Bunt-King, but it proved futile as the game got taken into extras. Cron, acting as a human target and getting hit by Matt Quintana's pitch, got things going for TCU in the bottom on the 10th, but was ended by a Dylan Fitzgerald ground-out.

If you've skipped ahead to the bottom, we're in the 11th inning at this point---yes, the 11th inning to Siena College of Loudonville, New York, USA. Trey Teakell came in for Ferrell and was every bit as effective. Teak also got some big help from Keaton "Big Money" Jones'. Going to the bottom of the inning, Keaton Jones and Bacak were both put out, but Cody Jones and Derek Odell both walked. This allowed TCU's best hitter and savior, Boomer F'ING WHITE to drive in the winning run.

The Good News Though...

It may have been Siena, but it looks as if Finnegan's gotten his grove back and didn't give up at hit until the top of the 5th. All of Finnegan's pitches were on the money, especially his slider. Per the ladies in the crowd, his Chris Hemsworth-flow was on the money too. Finnegan's statline proved just how nasty he was; 12 strikeouts, 1 run on 4 hits and only one walk.

The TCU bats won't get sleepwalk through tomorrow when they play a very good Sam Houston State team tomorrow night.

Until then...