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Sam Houston vs. TCU Recap, Part II

TCU denies Bearkats any revenge and advances to the Super Regionals.

Welp, that whole "revenge" thing didn't go as planned for Sam Houston State. However you may feel about the "call" from last night, you sort of have to accept---as Ron Washington would say---that's how baseball goes. The Bearkats tweeted, spoke, and did just about everything in between to let their newfound disdain for the Horned Frogs be known. Maybe it was playing 40 innings in two days, or maybe it's because Tyler Alexander is the hottest pitcher on this team right now---I'd like to think it's the latter---but whatever it is, their revenge didn't go as planned.

The Bearkats struck early with a suicide squeeze in the 1st to make it 1-0. But TCU bit right back thanks to a big double from Kevin Cron, who scored off of a Dylan Fitzgerald high-hopper to short. In the 3rd, Matt Crain drove in the go-ahead run to make it 2-1, and though it would be all the Frogs would didn't stop there. TCU's offensive woes from the weekend all but vanished Sunday night as the Frogs collected 6 runs off 14 hits.

Once again, Tyler Alexander, the Masta Killa, Danger Zone, was about as filthy as a freshman pitcher can be. An early run and a team hellbent on revenge didn't seem to bother Alexander and the statline showed----complete game, 1 run off 6 hits, 5 strikeouts, and only one walk.

After a tournament that was infinite adjectives, TCU advances to its fourth Super Regional since 2009 and will play Pepperdine next weekend.