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Big 12 sends four teams to the Supers

In case you haven't noticed---the Big 12 is pretty fly


Just in case you had any doubts, the Big 12 is really good at baseball. After a semi-dismal performance in the 2013 post-season, the Big 12 is showing in big in 2014. The Big 12 now has four teams in the Supers; Oklahoma State, TCU, Texas, and Texas Tech. Kansas baseball also had a really good showing, beating Kentucky in the opening game, before losing to regional champ Louisville and then losing the rematch to Kentucky.

Last year the Big 12 only had three representatives, Kansas State, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma. This year they had five and after an embarrassing showing from Clemson (who got the last spot), you'd think West Virginia should've gotten in there too.

The Big 12 match-ups will follow:

Texas vs. Houston:

Texas Tech vs. College of Charleston

Oklahoma State vs. UC Irvine

TCU vs. Pepperdine

Texas has the toughest match-up ahead of them. Texas Tech possesses the most winnable match-up, at least on paper, as they play College of Charleston---a team that was a 4th seed in their regional. The Big 12 could very well put four teams in Omaha. Let's hope they do. The last conference to put four teams in the CWS was the ACC in 2006 in which Clemson, North Carolina, Miami, and Georgia Tech all made it.