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In the most thrilling way possible---TCU punches their ticket to Omaha

Thomas Pressly

There were plenty of times in that game where I'm sure everyone felt it was over. Even after battling back---thanks to Cron and Boomer--- to make 4-4, Pepperdine bit right back to take the lead going into 9th. But TCU wasn't going to let a season end on their home turf and they rattled one of the best relievers in the Nation to go up 6-5.

Going into the bottom of the 9th there was no one better to handle the pressure and situation than Riley "Wild Thing" Ferrell---and there was no better way for TCU to punch their ticket to Omaha than on a heater/strikeout from Wild Thing. However, Ferrell could've walked the ball over and no one watching the game would've been able to tell thanks to some gnarly camera work from ESPN2.

But who cares.


(Series recap to come)