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Tuesday Morning Point Guard

Yep. The Big 12 is still the best.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Spo

I'm not going to dare bring up the "P-word" again this week. But it's pretty obvious that this the most complete conference in the country. Syracuse and Duke had the ACC fireworks, Cal had the big upset, but this is the best (college) basketball being played in the country.

Kansas 69, Texas 81

I almost went to this game and I'm glad I didn't. I'm not Pro-Kansas or Anti-Texas but I did hype up Joel Embiid and Andrew Wiggins to my Texas friends to the point that they more than happy to text me immediately after the game. Rick Barnes, have gone above and beyond expectations for 2013-14. The revival of the great Texas basketball may be on the horizon, but they're a long way from being Kansas this year.

My Texas friends appropriately replied to this recap. "SCOREBOARD".

Baylor 76, Oklahoma State 70

Was Baylor doing its best Oklahoma State impression or was Oklahoma State doing its best Baylor impression? It's hard to tell. But what we can tell at this point is while a lot of people were excited for these teams, and both generated a lot of pre-season hype, neither are living up to it.

Iowa State 81, Oklahoma 75

The Cyclones were able to beat the thriving Sooners without a brilliant performance from its MVP, DeAndre Kane. But Georges Niang proved he's a pretty good No. 2 as he put up 27 points the win.

Kansas State 71, West Virginia 81

Thanks to Juwan Staten's  35 points, the Mountaineers were able to get the big win in Morgantown.

TCU 54, Texas Tech 60

The Frogs really let this one slip out of their hands. But don't get too down. Here's an interesting chart Jamie sent me.


Iowa State 98, Oklahoma State 97 (Monday)

Flopping twice on one play, Marcus Smart is quickly becoming the least likable player in the conference. Oklahoma State has now lost four of their last five.  As for Iowa State, they're starting to get their groove back and have won three of their last four.