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Monday Morning Quarterback: October 1st, 2012

TCU continues to prove that it is possible to win football games by running five offensive plays, giving 10% effort and effectively trying to look as shitty as possible.

We are back with the Monday Morning Quarterback, where we believe this has to be a ruse, right? The only way a team can win a game and look that bad is if they try right? I mean, they have to try to win that bad. And you know what? I bet they win that bad against Iowa State this week too.

But, let's be obvious for a second: They will have to open things up in two weeks at Baylor... Same thing for three weeks from now vs. Texas Tech. Those are two games I still think TCU should win, but they won't if they continue to play this conservatively, they have to open it up.

If you read other TCU websites and blogs, you see it happening already... Our two new-ish Offensive Coordinators are under fire for what seems to be a slow slog of an offense, at times. It almost appears Gary is going back to his old tradition of leaning on the defense, get up two touchdowns and then sit back and fight on the other side of the ball... It works against teams you are two touchdown favorites on, not against quality opponents.

This shit will not stand.

FungoFrog is taking this week off from the MMQ (planning a wedding, leave me alone), but all the other guys are here with their expert analysis. Let's jump right in.

Angry Trey

I thought the biggest positive from this game was the play of the defense. It is harder to judge the offense due to the weather, but I thought the D really stepped it up. TCU held SMU to 190 yards passing and only 30 yards on the ground. The most impressive part was they made Gilbert pay for his mistakes by coming up with five interceptions.

Devonte Fields is quickly becoming a star for this defense. Hopefully he can keep this high level of play going so it opens up more opportunities for Maponga on the other side. Chris Hackett making his first collegiate start came up with a big game as well.

You probably won't see me write this often, but I was also impressed with both kickers. Under tough conditions they both kicked pretty well.

The offensive line and the rushing game has got to be better. You have to be better than 54 yards on 47 attempts.

The penalties have got to get under control. That was one of the most undisciplined performances I have seen from TCU. I know Coach Patterson will get that fixed.

I just don't feel comfortable about this team. Yes, they continue to win, but it hasn't looked good at all. The Frogs have yet to put a complete game together. Outside of the Grambling game, TCU has looked extremely mediocre. I am really worried about what this team will look like against this upcoming schedule. There are no pushovers remaining for the Frogs this season. TCU cannot afford to overlook Iowa State this week or they will get beaten.

Why must TCU call running plays for Casey Pachall? That isn't his strong point. I would rather put Boykin in the game every time if it's going to be a designed QB run. Speaking of Boykin, I would really like to see him on the field more. Not a knock against Casey at all, but Boykin has a special dynamic about him.

Also, why must TCU use Skye Dawson as a punt returner? Is Brandon Carter not capable? What's wrong with Deante' Gray?

Purple Wimple
The Good. Elisha Olabode and Devonte Fields were commanding. Fields was in the backfield a lot, and Olabode is becoming our monster safety this year. Remember when TCU seemed always to have a monster safety? We got a taste of life without one in 2011, and it's not pretty. So it's very nice to return to the shadow of a monster safety. Chris Hackett looked just as good; the Olabode-Hackett duo is going to make plays all season.

The Bad. What a buffet of bad we can choose from! I don't buy the excuse that rain made TCU's offense bad; rain didn't stop Garrett Gilbert from delivering catchable balls to his receivers all night. (Did it stop them from catching said deliverable balls? Maybe.) Pachall stopped delivering catchable balls a few minutes into the second half. He had zero run support, and that's possibly the baddest thing of all about the game.

Was Waymon James really the only runningback who could make our young, and generally crappy, offensive line look decent? Maybe.

But, man-- did the o-line look young, and generally crappy. The young tackles are playing like third-stringers, and we're really missing Ty Horn, James Dunbar, and Nykiren Wellington right about now. Here's to Michael Thompson and Eric Tausch playing more tackle.

The Spin: Gary Patterson hopes that this rainy game galvanizes his young team and makes them a more focused, mature team for the upcoming slate of game. (WARNING: good football teams ahead-- with good QBs and good receivers!) He compared this rainy game to the one at Clemson in 2009. That comparison seems to me more like hope triumphing over experience, but time will tell.

The Truth: Five days until the real season starts, gentlemen. Time to stop playing like true freshmen. I'm still convinced that this team isn't a bowl team. If this team starts pushing defensive lines around with authority, and making ground gains on second down, then it can become that team that goes bowling, and wins a few more Big12 games. But this team is going to go 1-7 against the Big 12 if it doesn't turn into that team in hurry.