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Bowl Whispers, pre-Thanksgiving

Ronald Martinez

Stew Mandel: Pinstripe Bowl, v. Syracuse

An Athlon writer that I've never heard of agrees.

Schlabach and Edwards both put TCU in the "Heart of Dallas" bowl against Purdue. What the heck is the Heart of Dallas Bowl? It's the Cotton, or Ticket City, Bowl, renamed. And worth a whole lot less. But it would draw well for the Horned Frogs. Purdue, on the other hand, would be projected to fill a section of the stadium.

A. Section.

Meanwhile, one prognosticator points the Frogs headed south: Jerry Palm sees TCU and Purdue meeting as well, but in Houston for the Meinike Car Care Bowl.

Yahoo's blogger, Frank Schwab, puts TCU in the Holiday against USC. Yes, please!