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Bowl Whispers

The bowl projectors put TCU in Houston, or New York, or (best of all) sunny San Diego this bowl season.

TCU is undefeated in Qualcomm Stadium, home of the Holiday Bowl.
TCU is undefeated in Qualcomm Stadium, home of the Holiday Bowl.
Stephen Dunn

First in a weekly series, here is a survey of projections, rumors, and whispers about what bowl the Frogs will play in this year, and who their opponent will be.

Stew Mandel projects TCU to Houston for the Bluebonnet or Houston or Texas-Meinike Car Care Bowl (that's December 28) against Minnesota. That's a fun bowl, and would be a return to TCU's Mountain West days in a way-- TCU won it twice while in the MWC. And Frogs would outnumber Minnesotans by... 10 to 1? Mark Schlabach agrees.

Jerry Palm thinks TCU is headed to the Big Apple to face Utah in the Steinbrenner, no, Yankee Stadium, wait-- what's it called--Bronx Bowl? Pinstripe Bowl. Whatever. It's 11,000 miles away, and Palm thinks it would match TCU with Utah. Another MWC redux, in a city and venue that ought never to be hosting college football, especially in January.

Brad Edwards projects TCU to the Holiday Bowl against UCLA. Now that's a bowl-- southern California, a team TCU hasn't played in... (forever?)... 1961. UCLA is a trap game for every one of its opponents, and would test TCU, perhaps more than I'd like. But for a bowl game, it's a golden opportunity for this young team to make a statement, and in the best possible circumstances. Bonus reason to love this pick: name a southern California stadium that still carries the echo of a TCU all-time great that is also a venue in which TCU has never lost?