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2016 Frogs O’ War Staff Picks: Week 4

Now is when we start to see people separate. Who will it be this year?

Staff Picks

This year’s picks have been much tougher for the FOW staff than they were in 2015. That’s reflected in the standings, and especially in the correct pick percentages. You’ll find this week’s picks below.



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Big 12

Iowa State vs. San Jose State

Jamie Plunkett: Iowa State 27, San Jose State 17 - San Jose State gave Utah trouble for a minute in week 3, and they’ll give Iowa State more than that this week, but the Cyclones will notch their first win of the season and keep from further embarrassing the Big 12.

Melissa Triebwasser: Iowa State 31, San Jose State 21 - Iowa State's first win of the season... might be their last. Well, Kansas is still on the schedule, so there's that.

Travis Kennedy: Iowa State 28, San Jose State 24 - Why am I still picking Big 12 teams to win non-conference games?

Samantha Calimbahin: Iowa State 30, San Jose State 29 - Iowa State wins! Iowa State wins! The Big 12 is saved!

Simone Elices: Iowa State 24, San Jose State 17 - I'm from San Jose and San Jose State Football is painful. Here's to hoping Iowa State can pick up its first win of the season.

Mason Chreene: Iowa State 30, San Jose State 27 - I really want to pick against the Cyclones because #Big12isCollapsing, just kidding you can go and shove it Paul Finebaum...JK, I still enjoy your show on occasion.

Andrew Felts: Iowa State 24, San Jose State 17 – CYCLONES WIN!

Chris Conaty: Iowa State 34, San Jose State 30 – If Iowa State doesn’t win this, I don’t think they win a game all year. Maybe they can beat Kansas, maybe.

Deanna Rust: Iowa State 21, San Jose State 17 – Y’all, Iowa State is like the new Kansas. I want them to beat all the non-Big 12 opponents. And Baylor. That would be amazing.

Marshall Weber: San Jose State 24, Iowa State 17 - Hand to God, I think Matt Campbell is a smart coach. I also thought Paul Rhoads was pretty good too. But Campbell's offense is simply just a better fit for the Big 12.

West Virginia vs. BYU

Jamie Plunkett: West Virginia 35, BYU 24 - West Virginia helps redeem the Big 12 a bit by getting to 3-0 with a win over a meh Cougars squad.

Melissa Triebwasser: BYU 41, WVU 38 - West Virginia has the best OOC win for the Big 12 so far this year, and beating BYU would give them the top two. But this neutral site game will feel like a home game for the Cougars, who's fans don't get to see them out east very often, and the Eers will suffer their first L in three attempts this season.

Travis Kennedy: West Virginia 31, BYU 23- I can't stop. I really need to seek professional help.

Samantha Calimbahin: West Virginia 41, BYU 34 - Big! Twelve! Chant!

Simone Elices: West Virginia 31, BYU 27 - Let's go Big 12!

Mason Chreene: West Virginia 45, BYU 38 - I'm sorry guys it's late and I don't really know how to pick em at this very moment. So in the scenario in my head I'm having the roudy couch burners of the land of West Virginia in one corner (with beer funnels and torches as weapons). In the other corner I have the Ragin', rootin, tootin, Mormons of BYU (JK not all of them are Morman) gimme the beer drinkin, couch burnin, country road shoutin, Holgerson firin', MOUNTAIN PEOPLE!

Andrew Felts: West Virginia 35, BYU 28 – In maybe the weirdest neutral site matchup of all time, the Mountaineers score a late touchdown to seal a victory over BYU in what could potentially be a preview into the future of the Big 12 Conference. #conspiracy

Chris Conaty: West Virginia 42, BYU 19 – I’m a fan of BYU’s team, but West Virginia may be the best team in the Big 12 at this point. I don’t expect the Cougars to have enough firepower to keep up.

Deanna Rust: West Virginia 31, BYU 17 – West Virginia has been kicking butt and taking names this year, and they’ll do it again against the Cougars this week while playing in Josh Doctson Land.

Marshall Weber: West Virginia 42, BYU 28 - West Virginia is on a legit path to save and keep Dana in Morgantown for the next decade. The 'Eers have to play in Austin, a game which two months ago, I thought there was no way they'd win. Now I'm not so sure. Even then, I thought they'd really benefit from having Oklahoma, TCU, and Baylor all come to Morgantown.

Two months ago, I thought they could pull out at least one or two wins--now I think they could legitimately win all three.

Lubbock and Stillwater will be tough wins to get on the road for them, the Big 12's Playoff chances--rests on the West Virginia mountains.

Kansas State vs. Missouri State

Jamie Plunkett: Kansas State 63, Missouri State 14 - Nobody is talking about Kansas State right now, which means they’re going to be everyone’s worst nightmare this season.

Melissa Triebwasser: Kansas State 35, Missouri State 10 - Kansas State won't score enough in Big 12 play to win enough to be a threat, but their defense is legit. The final tuneup against Missouri State will result in an easy W.

Travis Kennedy: Kansas State 45, Missouri State 31 - Can the Big 12 lose this game? I don't even know who I am anymore.

Samantha Calimbahin: Kansas State 38, Missouri State 10 - I say K-State pulls off a solid routing here. The Wildcats are starting to pick up the pace.

Simone Elices: Kansas State 28, Missouri State 7 - Kansas State rounds out its non-conference schedule with the Bears and grabs an easy win.

Mason Chreene: Kansas State 50, Missouri State 21 - Every Man A Wildcat. Meanwhile, every other man, woman, and child don't really care about this contest. BOOM. Roasted.

Andrew Felts: Kansas State 62, Missouri State 13 – K-State breaks the 60-point mark for the second straight week in a game that was only competitive until the opening kickoff.

Chris Conaty: Kansas State 44, Missouri State 6 – K-State rolls again like last week.

Deanna Rust: Kansas State 41, Missouri State 23 – With challenges like Arkansas and Stanford behind them, this shouldn’t be a difficult win for Kansas State.

Marshall Weber: Kansas State 25, Missouri State 10 - The Wildcats are another team that've been quietly brilliant. The Stanford game was much closer for the majority of the game than the 13-26 final score indicates.

No. 16 Baylor vs. Oklahoma State

Jamie Plunkett: Oklahoma State 45, Baylor 38 - I think OSU has recovered from the loss to Central Michigan, and the win over Pitt showed them they can outscore good teams. They continue that trend on Saturday in Waco.

Melissa Triebwasser: Oklahoma State 58, Baylor 50 - I truly don't know what to make of either of these teams at this point in the year. Sure, OSU should be 3-0, but they also should have never allowed CMU to hang around long enough to get away with the win. The Bears haven't played a team that could beat Aledo High School yet, but the talent is undeiably there. That being said, I'll take the Cowboys in a tough one on the road and hope I'm right.

Travis Kennedy: Baylor 41, Oklahoma State 35 - This is the darkest timeline.

Samantha Calimbahin: Oklahoma State 45, Baylor 42 - Ding ding! Upset alert?

Simone Elices: Baylor 42, Oklahoma State 38 - I really wish I had it in me to predict a Baylor loss this week, but I just don't see Oklahoma State winning this one.

Mason Chreene: Baylor 49, Oklahoma State 45 - This one could go either way, but unless what we saw from OSU's run game last week was the real deal then I am going with the bears in this one. Mason Rudolph is #nice don't get me wrong, but Baylor can literally just have a safety shadow James Washington when he runs his patented deep route right? Oh wait, this just in....Baylor doesn't play defense. Watch this one for the points and the passes.

Andrew Felts: Baylor 42, Oklahoma State 30 – Who is Shawn Oakman?

Chris Conaty: Oklahoma State 59, Baylor 56 – This game is going to be an absolute shoot-out and fun to watch. Give me Gundy with the upset.

Deanna Rust: Baylor 48, Oklahoma State 41 – These two teams average the same points per game (44), but they’ve had two very different schedules. The Cowboys need to get out front in the first half, and then hold them in the second. Whip ‘em good, Cowboys! I’ve got you by a touchdown.

Marshall Weber: Oklahoma State 48, Baylor 45 - Defense be damned. Baylor's back playing big boy talent. Between the PR dumpster fire they seem so content to be eternally engulfed in, and demonstrating their frustration with Texas' borrowed offensive code by acting like a third grader who gets mad when someone also wears a Captain America shirt to school; the Bears are about to face the harsh reality that they're just not in for a great season on the field either.

TCU @ SMU (Friday)

Jamie Plunkett: TCU 56, SMU 28 - Courtland Sutton gets loose for a few touchdowns, but TCU’s offense overwhelms SMU’s defense.

Melissa Triebwasser: TCU 47, SMU 37 - Without Matt Davis at QB, this Pony team is very different. Before his injury, I would have still picked the Frogs, but felt far less secure about it. But with a more statuesque presence in the pocket in redshirt freshman Ben Hicks, I am far more confident in picking the Frogs. Gary Patterson is waiting to see some real emotion out of his team, and with emotional leader KaVontae Turpin out for the foreseeable future, identifying the man to do that job starts Friday night. The Frogs need to not look ahead to OU the following week, not let Courtland Sutton have a huge game, and take the plays given to them by an SMU defense that gives up a lot of yards but comes up with a lot of turnovers. That being said, they struggled with Liberty last week... so...

Travis Kennedy: TCU 48, SMU 23 - Yeah! Alright! I'm happy and confident about this one.

Samantha Calimbahin: TCU 48, SMU 24 - TCU reaaally shouldn't let SMU score 24 points, but they do. Thankfully the offense cleans things up.

Simone Elices: TCU 45, SMU 17 - The Frogs take home the Iron Skillet and all is right in DFW.

Mason Chreene: TCU 48, SMU 24 - CJK5H, so we score 5 touchdowns. Then in garbage time we run another in with TJ or Derrick Greene. SMU's defense gives the Frogs trouble as they struggle to get into a rhythm once more, but Kenny Hill runs one in, throws up whatever the sign language is for CJK5H, and we call it a day. HI-HO SILVER!

Andrew Felts: TCU 45, SMU 24 – You can already start to see the impact Chad Morris is having at SMU. The ‘Stangs kept things somewhat competitive against Baylor earlier this month in a game where the final score wasn’t indicative of how close the game actually was. Even so, TCU’s offense will prove to be too much for SMU’s defense to handle on Friday night. Hopefully the Frogs can build some good momentum heading into next weekend’s showdown with Oklahoma.

Chris Conaty: TCU 55, SMU 20 – Last year’s game was exciting all the way to the 4th quarter, but I don’t expect the Frogs to sleep on SMU again. The key question will be who steps up in the return game to replace Turpin? Gray? Texada? Hicks?

Deanna Rust: TCU 38, SMU 28 – With Turpin out, the Frogs have some serious adjusting to do. We can win this game, but our defense has to step it up like last week. And our offense has got to get ahead from the start and stay there.

Marshall Weber: TCU 51, SMU 35 - I wrote a piece two years ago about how much I hate this game. I still hate it.

Around the Country

Georgia Tech vs. No. 5 Clemson (Thursday)

Jamie Plunkett: Clemson 28, Georgia Tech 24

Melissa Triebwasser: Clemson 42, Georgia Tech 24

Travis Kennedy: Clemson 37, Georgia Tech 31

Samantha Calimbahin: Clemson 35, Georgia Tech 20

Simone Elices: Clemson 45, Georgia Tech 17

Mason Chreene: Clemson 45, Georgia Tech 28

Andrew Felts: Clemson 35, Georgia Tech 20

Chris Conaty: Clemson 41, Georgia Tech 23

Deanna Rust: Clemson 41, Georgia Tech 31

Marshall Weber: Clemson 35, Georgia Tech 27

No. 8 Michigan State vs. No. 11 Wisconsin

Jamie Plunkett: Michigan State 31, Wisconsin 17

Melissa Triebwasser: Michigan State 24, Wisconsin 17

Travis Kennedy: Michigan State 38, Wisconsin 20

Samantha Calimbahin: Michigan State 38, Wisconsin 30

Simone Elices: Michigan State 34, Wisconsin 24

Mason Chreene: Michigan State 34, Wisconsin 17

Andrew Felts: Michigan State 24, Wisconsin 20

Chris Conaty: Michigan State 42, Wisconsin 31

Deanna Rust: Michigan State 28, Wisconsin 24

Marshall Weber: Michigan State 28, Wisconsin 17

No. 23 Ole Miss vs. No. 12 Georgia

Jamie Plunkett: Ole Miss 42, Georgia 30

Melissa Triebwasser: Ole Miss 42, Georgia 37

Travis Kennedy: Ole Miss 42, Georgia 38

Samantha Calimbahin: Georgia 40, Ole Miss 36

Simone Elices: Ole Miss 42, Georgia 28

Mason Chreene: Ole Miss 35, Georgia 27

Andrew Felts: Georgia 31, Ole Miss 30

Chris Conaty: Ole Miss 45, Georgia 27

Deanna Rust: Ole Miss 38, Georgia 28

Marshall Weber: Ole Miss 42, Georgia 28

No. 14 Tennessee vs. No. 19 Florida

Jamie Plunkett: Tennessee 16, Florida 11

Melissa Triebwasser: Tennessee 34, Florida 24

Travis Kennedy: Florida 38, Tennessee 27

Samantha Calimbahin: Tennessee 34, Florida 24

Simone Elices: Florida 35, Tennessee 34

Mason Chreene: Tennessee 28, Florida 18

Andrew Felts: Tennessee 28, Florida 21

Chris Conaty: Tennessee 27, Florida 21

Deanna Rust: Tennessee 31, Florida 24

Marshall Weber: Tennessee 27, Florida 20

No. 10 Texas A&M vs. No. 17 Arkansas

Jamie Plunkett: Arkansas 31, Texas A&M 20

Melissa Triebwasser: Arkansas 31, Texas A&M 28

Travis Kennedy: Arkansas 31, Texas A&M 28

Samantha Calimbahin: Arkansas 42, Texas A&M 38

Simone Elices: Texas A&M 41, Arkansas 34

Mason Chreene: Texas A&M 28, Arkansas 27

Andrew Felts: Texas A&M 31, Arkansas 21

Chris Conaty: Arkansas 31, Texas A&M 27

Deanna Rust: Texas A&M 37, Arkansas 34

Marshall Weber: Arkansas 42, Texas A&M 38