Jalen Reagor gets shoutout from top NFL WR


The Saints' Michael Thomas, one of the best receivers in the professional game this season, gave Jalen Reagor a shoutout on his instagram story Tuesday, saying "I checked out my boy every Saturday this season he was in his bag @thejalenreagor fasho! Double Up next year bro!". Pretty nice little moment for one of the fast-rising stars on the college game

Yahoo picked against the Frogs in Round One and Coach Dixon didn't like it


Yahoo released their bracket picks Wednesday, and Pat Forde, Pete Thamel, and Jeff Eisenberg all picked the Frogs to lose to Syracuse/Arizona State. Jamie Dixon was not a fan of the picks, and let that fact be known, responding to Forde's tweet. Keep throwing that shade, Coach! Go get a win and prove the pundits wrong.

Elliott Barzilli's eye is gross: you've been warned


The TCU third baseman exited Sunday's championship game early after taking a baseball to the face attempting to make a diving stop. While his status is unclear going forward, Coach Schloss was optimistic he would be back for the Regionals. In the meantime, someone get Barz some ice, please.

Here's what Bram Kohlhausen would look like on a box of cereal


It's official. I've gone bonkers. Sure, the 'shop could use a little polishing but, hey, I worked hard on this so be nice! :)

Just a pitcher and catcher, watching a baseball game...


Bryan Holaday and his Tigers teammate David Price flew straight to Omaha after thumping the Indians Sunday afternoon (2 hits and 2 RBIs for him today). A rain delay cost Holaday a chance to watch the Frogs, but the former TCU catcher still seems to be enjoying himself alongside the Vandy pitcher.

Men's 4x100 relay team channels inner Fantastic Four


The men's 4x100 relay clocked in at 39.28 seconds to take home the Big 12 title Sunday. This is the second conference championship TCU has won in four days. IT'S CLOBBERING TIME!

Updated Big 12 Tournament Scenarios for TCU


Texas knocked off Baylor 61-59 in Austin tonight, a huge step toward avoiding a TCU vs. Texas matchup in the First Round of the Big 12 Tournament.

TCU is #4 because Baylor isnt even on this list


Not to mention the OOC cupcake schedule 128/128

Cool Graphic of Paul Dawson and the Bednarik Trophy


via Check out the photo tweeted by Zarnell Fitch, TCU's Director of High School Relations.