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Midweek Musings

Midweek Musings: Who ya got?

For this week's midweek musing, we ask the question: if you had one day to prepare for one game with one coach who had one week prep time, who would you take?

Gary is angry, so we should be happy

I'm never more confident than when Coach P seems to hate everything about his team.

Gary Patterson is here to stay

In a special edition of 'Overreaction Monday', we remind you that Gary's not leaving TCU. And he never will.

Midweek Musings: Death By Thinking

In a sport where thinking too much can be a player's downfall, is the new tempo helping Boykin by keeping him from over thinking?

Why TCU needs to breakup with SMU

The problems with scheduling non-Power 5 teams and why TCU should breakup with SMU.

Midweek Musings: Is Andy Dalton Worth His Contract

There have been a variety of responses to Andy Dalton's mega-contract, and depending on whether you're a TCU fan or a Bengals fan, you're view differs quite a bit.

Midweek Musings: A New Leader Emerging

Sam Carter is quickly becoming the leader this team needs, both on and off the field.

Midweek Musing: Five (Bold) Predictions for 2014

The brilliance of Chucky Hunter, the rise of Kyle Hicks, Jaden Oberkrom's weapon, and finally defeating our greatest enemy...the sun.

Wednesday Musings: Rivalries

Debating TCU's complicated rivalry situation.

Midweek Musings: Stop Being So Awesome, Bob Stoops

I'm supposed to be hating Oklahoma, but Bob Stoops is making it too damn hard.

Midweek Musings: The Bet

The following is a transcript of what transpired as I tried to make a bet with my Tech wife regarding Thursday's game.

Midweek Musings: How Good Is B.J. Catalon?

Frog fans got to know B.J. Catalon pretty well last season, but now, the nation knows who he is after a stellar game vs. LSU.

Midweek Musings: A Podcast Question

Polling our readers because we, you know, care and stuff.

Midweek Musings: The Humbling Loss

Every great program has them, every fan hates them, but they make sports that much better.

Midweek Musings: TCU Recruiting Update

There were a lot of big name prospects in Fort Worth to visit TCU over the weekend, which gives us an opportunity to recap where the Horned Frogs' 2013 recruiting class currently stands.

Midweek Musings: The Best and Worst of 2012

A look back at the five best and five worst moments for TCU athletics in 2012.

Midweek Musings: Ranking the Bowls

Jamie takes a look at all the bowls coming up, and ranks them from best to worst.

Midweek Musings: The Chaos Theory

Sure there’s a game against Oklahoma on Saturday, but why talk about that when there’s so much other stuff happening?!

Midweek Musings: the Blackout

It's been a hot topic all week for TCU fans. Blackout or no blackout? Good idea or bad? I say good, and what I say goes (here, at least...)


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