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DYK that there are watch lists for coach awards now?

Gary Patterson, the long leader of the TCU Horned Frogs, has been named to the watch list for the Dodd Trophy, awarded annually to "the head coach of a team who enjoys success on the gridiron, while also stressing the importance of scholarship, leadership and integrity – the three pillars of legendary coach Bobby Dodd’s coaching philosophy." Patterson has already won the award once, in 2009. Three other Big 12 coaches are named to the watch list: Lincoln Riley of Oklahoma, Mike Gundy at Oklahoma State, and Tom Herman of Texas. Let's hope the Horned Frogs have the kind of season that vaults him to the top of the list and helps him bring it home for a second time!

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Your 2018 Miss USA? She's a Frog.

Sarah Rose Summers, a registered nurse and 2017 TCU graduate, was crowned Miss USA Monday night in Louisiana.The Nebraska native won with a combination of brains and beauty, blowing the judges away during the Q&A.

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Yahoo picked against the Frogs in Round One and Coach Dixon didn't like it

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Roger Federer is a Frog fan

Cam Norrie was hanging with the Goat, so he got him to get his Frogs Up!

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Riley Ferrell Still Throws Serious Heat

The former Frog closer and current Astros' prospect is competing for a roster spot in spring training, and got some extra work in with former Big Leaguer and current Houston pitching coach Brent Strom

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TCU Basketball Dominates Reddit Imperialism Map

Population: ✔️ Territory: ✔️ Counties: ✔️ You are all Horned Frogs, now. And we are coming for you next, Tennessee

ICYMI: Catch up on the tweets about the Frogs from the past week

Check out what’s been happening in Funky Town!

Twitter is going crazy over a ‘CJK5H’ license plate

The license plate is likely real. The Craig James thing? Who knows.

WATCH: TCU scores 6 runs, with 2 hits, in 1 inning

Offense! Yeah!

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When TCU baseball players hear 'Instagram,' they think of...

Now this is cute. The TCU baseball team blurts out the first thing they think of when they hear the word "Instagram." A lot of them think of "Michael Landestoy," for some reason.

Just look at these beautiful TCU Basketball billboards gracing Times Square

Just look at them.

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WATCH: The 2016 Alamo Bowl, Tecmo Bowl-style

Who remembers Tecmo Bowl?! This TCU fan recreated the 2016 Alamo Bowl as an 8-bit video game. How cool is this!

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Listen to the Schollmaier at the loudest it's ever been!

It was LIT at the NIT. That's all I have to say.

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WATCH: Jamie Dixon's postgame speech

Exactly one year after Jamie Dixon joined the program, he's talking to the team after punching its ticket to the NIT semis. Amazing.

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WATCH: Josh Watson makes crazy diving catch...and loses his sunglasses!

RIP sunglasses. But we appreciate your sacrifice in preventing a Jayhawk from reaching the bases.

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You can now find out which TCU baseball player should be your roommate

TCU Baseball has a Buzzfeed quiz now, and you can find out which player you should ask to share the rent with. Link is above. Let us know who you get! (I got Connor Wanhanen.)

Twitter reacts to TCU’s win over Kansas


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Here are the TCU baseball team's walk-up songs

Yeah, but...where's "Centuries" by Fall Out Boy???

WATCH: TCU football players lift, bro answer your question.

WATCH: All the home runs from TCU-ASU Game 1

Chill out, bruh.

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#MashForMicah Featured on CW33's NewsFix

CW33's News Fix show did a feature on the #MashForMicah campaign, which continues to grow in staggering numbers.

TCU Baseball unveils new unis

[insert obligatory fire Emoji here]

WATCH: Dude Perfect chooses TCU as backdrop to break world records...again

No place to break records like the Carter.

TCU Women’s Basketball has some new footwear. But it’s more than just shoes.

The women’s basketball team will be sporting new shoes that mean something.

Let’s Play National Signing Day Bingo!

Here’s the official bingo card for your bingo-ing pleasure.

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TCU's football facilities have an arcade now...and there's Pac-Man.

Wow. TCU's newest upgrade to the John Justin Athletic Center is the Huffman Football Center. Basically, an arcade. Get that? An ARCADE. With Pac-Man! And basketball! And TVs!

If TCU Rivals Were Movie Villains


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WATCH: TCU baseball's 2017 season teaser video

Are you #crying yet?

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Check out TCU baseball's beautiful new shoes

New gloves, new bats...and now new shoes. The Frogs are going to be the best-dressed team in college baseball. *heart eyes emoji*

This is the most relevant TCU football stat you’ll ever see


Why you’ll never see a Chris Del Conte bobblehead

Ever wanted a Chris Del Conte bobblehead? Well, sad news...

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Isaiah Graham places game gloves on late brother's grave

TCU may have lost the Liberty Bowl, but that didn't make Isaiah Graham's game gloves any less special. He honored his late brother by placing his game gloves on his brother's grave. Just for his birthday. Check out the touching moment in the video above.


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