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Jason Verrett weighs in on Cowboys quarterback situation

Jason Verrett has his own radio show. That’s cool.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at San Diego Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Former TCU cornerback and current San Diego Charger Jason Verrett may be out for the season due to a torn ACL, but he’s still staying out and about, talking football on San Diego radio show “Loose Cannons” every Tuesday.

Verrett hit on a local topic this week — whether the 6-1 Dallas Cowboys should keep Dak Prescott in at quarterback. Here’s what he had to say:

Verrett had plenty of good things to say about Dak, praising his confidence under pressure.

“He looks like a vet out there,” Verrett said. “I'm happy for the way he's playing."

He also called Dak a “young bull.” Hmm. Okay.

Listen to the full show here.