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Analysis of the TCU Pokemon

TCU is the very best, like no one ever was.

SB Nation

Major props to our SB Nation colleagues for putting together this extensive list of every major college football team as a Pokemon (sorta reminds us of HawkeyedFrog's piece on Big 12 teams as My Little Ponies).

And which Pokemon is TCU, according to that list? So says the article...

TCU is still underrated, looks cool as hell, and has historic roots as Kabutops. Look how sweet that looks:

The moment I saw this, I honestly felt ashamed I didn't recognize Kabutops at first glance. This is coming from the girl who used to get in trouble for bringing Pokemon cards to school. I guess the only ones that stood out to me back then -- and the only ones I really remember from childhood -- were the cute ones (i.e. Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Charmander, etc.). So I had to call on a few friends for help with this one. Yeah, my nerdness fails in this area.

As far as how Kabutops relates to TCU, I definitely can see some similarities.

First off, looks is the most obvious thing. Kabutops is a rock/water Pokemon with a spiky, armored body that resembles a Horned Frog. It has blade-like arms so Kabutops can slice its prey and suck its blood. Horned Frogs spit blood. Same difference, I guess.

Kabutops' life shares some similarities to TCU's recent rise to national prominence, too. Like TCU, Kabutops starts off small and relatively hidden. It begins its life as Kabuto, a small crustacean-like creature living under the ocean, before growing up to become the menacing Kabutops. Sounds a bit like TCU- the hidden gem of the Mountain West Conference that grew up to become a monster in the Big 12.

One key trait of Kabutops is its speediness in the water. Gary Patterson knows all about developing players who are small but speedy. Take 5-foot-9 Kavontae Turpin as one of the latest examples. And the Baylor game last season was basically played in the water. So Kabutops and TCU have that in common.

Kabutops does have weaknesses: electricity, grass, ground and fighting. I definitely don't think TCU is weak against any of those things. But Kabutops is strong against fire and ice, and as the great Dutch Meyer said, the Frogs fight until hell freezes over.

I suppose Kabutops makes for a decent Pokemon equivalent of TCU. Keep it away from Jessie and James, and we should all be good.