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Ronnie Baker runs world's fastest 60-meter time, becomes NCAA champion

Patty cake, Patty cake, Baker's man! Run me a race as fast as you can!

Ronnie Baker is good at running fast.
Ronnie Baker is good at running fast.
Go Frogs

While the Frogs and Trojans were battling it out at Lupton over the weekend, TCU sprinter Ronnie Baker was busy running the fastest 60-meter time in the world and winning his second national championship in a row.

Baker was in Birmingham, Alabama -- along with bestie and fellow sprinter Sam Watts -- for the NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships. Baker competed in the 60 meters and clocked in at 6.47 seconds, the fastest time in the world (yes, the world) recorded so far this season.

Watts competed in the 200 meters and came in seventh, running a 22.06.

But regardless of what they do on the track, nothing will ever beat the day Sam and Ronnie ran across the Carter dressed as Iron-Man and Spider-Man.