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TCU to play fan-made #LuptonMagic videos on video board


Which is more magical: Disneyland or Lupton Stadium?

No doubt Lupton Stadium has had its magical moments -- the latest one being TCU's 7-run comeback win over West Virginia on Friday night.

TCU is asking fans to submit videos sharing what "Lupton Magic" means to them, via the app Vivoom. All you need to do is:

  1. Download Vivoom.
  2. Type in the code: LUPTONMAGIC
  3. Record your video.
  4. Post it to Facebook or Twitter.

TCU plans to play some of the video entrees at the stadium, so if appearing on Lupton's video board is a wish your heart makes, the dream that you wish may come true.

Brian Howard, Connor Wanhanen and Mitchell Traver shared what Lupton Magic meant to them. Check it out: