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WATCH: The miracle shot that turned Jamie Dixon into a TCU legend

Here's the play that made Jamie Dixon famous.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Jamie Dixon, the newly-minted head coach of TCU men's basketball, holds a special place in Horned Frog lore.

The year was 1986. TCU was playing Texas at home, trailing 54-53 with five seconds left in the second half. Dixon caught the inbound and the clock ran down.

As quickly as he could, he drove to the basket and took a chance shot from 35 feet away.

The ball fell through the net.

The clock hit 0:00.

The Frogs won.

And here he is, speaking after the game.

Here's to more miracle shots, more storming the court (as long as it's legal), more wins and more memories.

Welcome home, Jamie.