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Raegan Pebley's daughter writes sweet letter after mom's WNIT loss

We all need to be like Harper.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

The TCU women's basketball team made it to the WNIT Sweet 16 before losing a 79-71 heartbreaker to UTEP on Thursday night. When TCU's head coach, Raegan Pebley, came home from the tournament, she found this handwritten note from her daughter Harper.

The letter reads, with original spelling:

To: The crossed out asum awesome mommy I'm sorry. Things happen for a reson. I'm shure God wants this to happen. I'm glad your home evan thog you lost. It has no efekt on how munch any of us love you. It is ok to be sad, mad, angrey, dipresed or right between I'm over it and still can't belive we lost. Anyway if you want a little you time I understand. Just know you can can count on me to always love you and help you out. Glad your home. You had a good season.

Love, Harps

P.S. You bon don't have to diliver my backpac

That's the attitude we all need to have! You go, Harper!