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Inspiration for Your Horned Frog Dream Home

Every woman deserves her own (WO)man cave, fully furnished with TCU everything.

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Janie Skelton Self's (WO)man cave has chairs from the old Amon G. Carter Stadium.
Janie Skelton Self's (WO)man cave has chairs from the old Amon G. Carter Stadium.
Photo courtesy of Janie Skelton Self

Frog fan Janie Skelton Self is putting together her "(WO)man cave," as she calls it, finding deals like $200 seats out of the old Amon G. Carter Stadium to decorate her space.

But it's not just one room getting the Horned Frog treatment -- her whole house is decked out with TCU gear. And I know, some of you ladies -- and guys -- are going to be mega jelly and wonder where to buy things, so I've included links on where to find some of this stuff. Check it out:

Carter stadium chairs and football field rug

Self got the chairs from a buy/sell website. The rug came from Rugs USA, and prices range from $109-$699, depending on the rug size.

TCU wreath and LaDainian Tomlinson framed photo

This is the door to one of the rooms in Self's house. The wreath can be found on Etsy for $45. A LaDainian Tomlinson framed photo can be found on for $152.99.

Wood art and banner

Deck the walls! The banner can be found on TCU bookstore's website for $32.98. I couldn't find this exact wooden art, but I did find something just as cool on Etsy.

TCU Santa figure and framed art

This little Santa is $59.99 on Amazon. The framed art is $55 on AO Designs.

TCU metal art

More love for the walls...this metal art is $69 on Amazon.


Now this is something unique to Self's house. But! If you just want full-size TCU replica helmets (because they're obviously the only team that truly matters), you can find them on for $289.99.

Special thanks to Janie Skelton Self for sharing photos of her home with us!