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WATCH: TCU d-line coach Fitch being clutch back in the day

Let's travel back in time to see TCU defensive line coach, Zarnell Fitch, make a big play while he was on the team.

Yay d-line!
Yay d-line!
Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

It's a TCU career that's come full circle -- Zarnell Fitch started out as a player and now he's the newly christened coach of the defensive line.

Saaay, let's steal a TARDIS and relive one of Fitch's best moments from back in the day.

*wibbly wobbly noises*

YEAR: 2005

LOCATION: Houston Bowl

Now that was cool.

That swoop-in at the Houston Bowl was one of two interceptions Fitch had in his senior year.

Nine years later, he returned to TCU to become the football team's director of high school relations. This year, he was named defensive line coach.

Let's hope for more clutch plays like that one from our d-line this season.

Okay, fun is over. Time to return the TARDIS... :(