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Recap of Doctson's Twitter Q&A

Josh Doctson likes Cheez-It and calls his grandmother before every game.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

First of all, let's appreciate the fact that Josh Doctson is now verified on Twitter! *applause*

He also held a Twitter Q&A answering questions about snacks, video games and draft prep. Check it out:

From @ElHornitoFrog: What would you say to potential recruits about how life is at TCU?

From @TheRonMann: #Q&A Biggest trash talker you ever played against??

Jason Verrett and Kevin White, that is.

From @DJbleedthestar: what's the loudest/rowdiest big12 crowd you played against?

From @JohnnyHab: do you like my photoshop? #

Meaning this one...

And Doctson said...

From @KindaLikeGloves: what's your favorite snack? I'll be sure to bring you some when I see you play in the league!

From @KindaLikeGloves (again): advice for a guy trying to walk on to college?

From @whisler_chris: what is the transition like from college to pros so far? &A

From @kwa_ramos: most memorable game at TCU

From @Kyle_M_OConnor: what was your favorite catch/play at TCU?

From @BoltBaseDD: when did you become a Christian? Is there anything you struggle with in everyday life?

From @buskirkryan: What's your pre-game routine?

From @drksportsnews: Do you think Trevone Boykin is a future superstar in the NFL?

From @beastmode1287: current speed is not great but I have a good work ethic.. Can I make it as a walk on at TCU?

From @FrogHomer91: Where will you watch the draft?

From @GPoore5: Fifa or Madden?

From @_parrino_: Best thing about TCU?

From @_TheWayOfTre: advice to a receiver getting ready to go to college.

From @Thecatchup15: 4th and 1 throw it up to u or give it to

From @CjHarrell35: what did you expect going into the Peach Bowl last year and what did you think after the game?

From @Ja_Rings: u gonna be selling any ur college game used cleats or gloves ? I'll Pay whatever price u want for em

From @rojo_loco6: stick to cod josh

From @Blade_Hall: before now, did you ever think you'd make it this far? Like you were destined for something greater? Big fan. God Bless.

From @averyvanechanos: when's pro day??

From @GarrettEmeterio: hey josh big fan any advice going into last year of hs football

From @FrogHomer91: More pressure - NFL Combine or TCU Pro Day?

From @TCUgnome: which of my outfits is your favorite?

Meaning these outfits...

And Doctson chooses...

From @alijahborjas_: biggest stress reliever while being a college athlete ?

From @josephinedrewes: dream vacation?

And that's all, folks!