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Doctson surprises 9-year-old fan by visiting birthday party

A Frog fan celebrated his ninth birthday with TCU's legendary No. 9 on April 9.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Mitchell was turning nine on April 9, and his birthday cake was going to have a picture of one of his favorite TCU players, No. 9 Josh Doctson.

But Mitchell had one special wish for his birthday -- a visit from No. 9 himself.

So he sent the likely first-round draft pick an invitation (with original spelling):

Dear Josh Doctson,

Hi my name is Mitchell. My BirthDay is around The corner. I wish you could come to my Birthday Party. My Birthday cake has a picture of you on it. It would be the best if you can its on White Setelment I 9 sport. I played fbo football There. I was the best in there. I really wish you could come, bye.

You're best fan,


Well, Mitchell, be careful what you wish for.

Good on you, Doc. Never change.