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TCU defensive back asks students to take survey about pizza

It's a survey about pizza. Why won't you want to take it?

Photo: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports/Edit: Samantha Calimbahin

Yo, TCU students! TCU defensive back Steve Wesley is asking for your help to answer a survey about the pizza around campus, specifically Mellow Mushroom, Pizza Snob, Toppers and Dominos.

The pros and cons of taking this survey don't seem too bad.

The survey states, "No discomfort is anticipated except for possible boredom with the task." Who could possibly bet bored from pizza?

The survey also states, "The major benefits I will receive from participation in this research are increased knowledge of the pizza restaurants around TCU’s campus and increased familiarity with marketing research methods." Who wouldn't want increased knowledge of pizza restaurants?

Well, what are you waiting for? Help your #FrogFam out and take this survey about pizza! Link is below.

Also, here's a song you can listen to while completing the survey.