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WATCH: Spend the day with Brandon Finnegan

Brandon Finnegan Quote of the Day: "'Tu nombre' is my name? Oh, why does it sound like 'number'?"

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Finnegan didn't pitch his best game Thursday against the Chicaco Cubs, but it's okay -- we still love ya, Finny!

Finny did a "Day in the Life" video for the Cincinnati Reds, walking fans through a practice session during spring training.

His day consists of:

1. Stretching

2. Learning Spanish with teammate.

3. Drinking Powerade.

4. Running around cones like in PE.

5. Throwing.

6. Running in groups.

7. Saying "bye" to everyone and clapping hands.

"Unfortunately you had to spend the entire day with me," he says in the video. Nonsense!

Watch the full video here: