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WATCH: Doctson appears on ESPN's Sport Science

Josh Doctson had some clutch moves in ESPN's nerdy football show.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

First off, football should totally be an elective college course. Half of the curriculum can be learning plays and strategies, and the other half can be learning the science of the sport.

A great example of the latter is ESPN's show, Sport Science, where our very own Josh Doctson did a little nerdy work.

One of the things the show did was measure Doctson's catch radius, which came out to be 3,150 cubic feet. Compare that to Dez Bryant's catch radius of 3,220 cubic feet. Not too far off.

The show also charted his acceleration and found that he can reach his top speed, 19.61 mph, in 2.46 seconds.

See, guys, football can be educational.

Click the link below to see the clip: