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Observations on the Patterson, O'Brien and Meyer statues

Gary Patterson, master of arms crossing.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Looks like TCU students now have more options than just the Horned Frog statue when they need "good luck" for a test (Luck isn't real, kids. Go study.).

TCU unveiled the statues of three football greats Saturday in front of the Schollmaier Arena -- Dutch Meyer, Davey O'Brien and Gary Patterson. And no, Patterson didn't ask to put his own statue up for vanity purposes. All three statues were donated by the Parrish family.

Check it out:

1. Dutch Meyer

Dutch Meyer has a true cowboy look with the hat, long coat and hands in his pockets. It'll be fun when winter comes and covers Meyer's statue with snow and ice -- get ready for a full feed of photos with the same caption.

Parrish Statue: Two-time national championship coach Dutch Meyer. #GoFrogs

A photo posted by TCU Athletics (@tcu_athletics) on

2. Davey O'Brien.

Because Davey O'Brien went to TCU, we totally deserve our own life-size Davey O'Brien Award. You gotta love his old school football look with the leather helmet.

Parrish Statue: Heisman Trophy winner Davey O'Brien. #GoFrogs

A photo posted by TCU Athletics (@tcu_athletics) on

3. Gary Patterson

Ah, good 'ole Gary, winningest coach and master of arms crossing. His look is on point.

Parrish Statue: All-time winningest #TCU coach Gary Patterson. #GoFrogs

A photo posted by TCU Athletics (@tcu_athletics) on

He even wears his Rose Bowl ring.

It was so great, Derrick Kindred and Sam Carter took a selfie with him.

The statues probably won't bring any luck for a test, but they will most likely bring hundreds of fans who'll come and pose for pictures.