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TCU baseball MVPs get special Snapchat honor

The "Strong Jaw Performance Frog of the Day" honor is serious business.

Melissa Triebwasser

College athletes can pick up a number of smaller awards throughout the season, like Big 12 Player of the Week, for instance. If you're on the TCU baseball team and do something good, you can be eligible for the "Strong Jaw Performance Frog of the Day" award, granted by first baseman Michael Landestoy via Snapchat.

Okay, it's not an "official" award (or is it?), but it's hilarious. And Landestoy is pretty consistent with it. Here's what the wall of fame is looking like so far:

March 15 - Brian Trieglaff, for earning the win over Rice

March 18 - Elliott Barzilli, for his big home run in win over West Virginia

March 20 - Luken Baker, for his grand slam in win over West Virginia

March 22 - Dane Steinhagen, for his three-run homer in win over Abilene Christian

March 26 - Andy Priddy, for eating pretty much every concession at Texas' baseball stadium

March 29 - Cam Warner, for his four clutch hits in win over UT Arlington

April 2 - Josh Watson, for his 3 RBI in win over Wichita State

April 3 - Dalton Horton, for his brilliant pitching in win over Wichita State

Who will win the honor Wednesday night against UT Arlington? This, we shall soon find out. First pitch is at 6:30 p.m.!