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THROWBACK VIDEO: Verrett takes on Doctson, fails

#TBT to when Jason Verrett and Josh Doctson played against each other.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Before they became teammates, they were opponents.

Josh Doctson played for Wyoming before becoming a Frog. His first touchdown at Wyoming came against TCU and guess who was covering him...

Yup, good 'ole Jason Verrett.

Thankfully, Wyoming lost -- ha!

And look where we are now. Verrett, of course, is now a cornerback with the San Diego Chargers. Doctson is hoping for his own spot on an NFL team (and rumor has it, he's going to be a first rounder, like Verrett). The next thing you know, they might be taking each other on again.

Seriously, guys, couldn't you stay in college forever?