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WATCH: Ronnie Baker won a championship again

Ronnie Baker wins, like, all the time.


All Ronnie Baker does is win win win no matter what. While he may not necessarily have money on his mind, he likely had gold on his mind, which is kind of like money, so...

Anyway, Baker became the Big 12 Champion in the 100-meter dash this weekend, making full use of the home-track advantage (the meet was held at TCU...woooo!) and running a blazing 10.15 seconds. Check it out:

We know what you're thinking, so before you hit us with your "Can he run routes?" and "Why isn't he playing wide receiver?" comments, please note that track runners and wide receivers have different skill sets. But if it's any consolation, Kolby Listenbee did give Baker a shout out before the meet.

(Baker didn't quite hit that time but hey, a win is a win.)

He wasn't the only gold medalist from the Big 12 Championship, either. Brianna McGhee also took the title in the 100-meter hurdles. Check out her race below:

Go Frogs.