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WATCH: TCU baseball talks walk-up songs

Let us know in the comments what YOUR walk-up song would be!

Melissa Triebwasser

A walk-up song pumps you up, eases your nerves and perhaps tells a little something about yourself.

Evan Skoug, Connor Wanhanen, Austen Wade and Michael Landestoy talked about their walk-up songs in a video by FrogVision. Take a listen:

Evan Skoug - "Really Really" by Kevin Gates

Skoug said he sometimes likes to wait outside the batter's box so he can hear a certain part of the song he likes.

Connor Wanhanen - "Black Betty" by Ram Jam

Wanhanen said he picked the song because he didn't know what else to pick. He doesn't care about walk-up songs much.

Austen Wade - "Wonderful" by Travis Scott and The Weeknd

Wade said he has his walk-up songs planned for the next five years, and they're all rap.

Michael Landestoy - "Suavemente" by Elvis Crespo

Landestoy said he dances in his head when walking up to the plate. He met Elvis Crespo once at a hotel.

Check out FrogVision's full video below:

I've always thought about what my walk-up song would be if I played baseball. I made the executive decision that if I did have a song, it would be "Let It Go" from Frozen, specifically at the vamp right before the final chorus -- you know, before she lets her hair down. Sorry not sorry.

"Now batting for the Frogs, the shortstop, No. 7...Samantha Calimbahin!"

(The secret reason I pick this song is simply to see the looks on everyone's faces.)

Let us know what YOUR walk-up song would be in the comments!