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QUIZ: Can you tell TCU purple vs. other purple?

Horned Frogs are picky about their hue.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Any school can choose purple as its color, but TCU's purple is something special.

According to Drew Martin, TCU's assistant athletics director for marketing, TCU uses a specific shade of purple found on a standardized system known as the Pantone Matching System. The exception is fabric, which doesn't follow Pantone. Nike, for example, uses a shade of purple called "New Orchid" for both TCU's and Kansas State's jerseys.

So here's a test of how crazy of a Frog fan you really are. Can you spot TCU purple among other schools' shades of purple? Take the test below! And NO Googling!

Inspired by this tweet from @RiffRamTCU!