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WATCH: Texas A&M baseball team reacts to TCU pairing

Will the Frogs and Aggies meet again?

Melissa Triebwasser

It's time to hit the road to the College World Series! And while TCU's first stop is at home, another regional host is Texas A&M, whom the Frogs beat last year to reach Omaha.

That means if the Frogs and Aggies come out on top at the regionals, they could meet again for a super regional rematch.

Here's how the Aggies felt about that.

Well, we're glad they're excited!

If you remember, former TCU player Boomer White transferred to A&M two years ago. Here's what he had to say about the possibility of facing his old team.

Of course, this is only IF TCU and A&M win their tournaments. And if there's anything we've learned from experience, it's to not talk about "things" in baseball. So this article is going to end right here.